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Plan Management

NDIS Plan Management is a service provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help participants manage the financial aspects of their NDIS plan. Plan Management assists participants in navigating the complexities of their plan’s funding, ensuring that they can access the supports and services they need while maintaining control over their funds.

Financial Report

The role of an NDIS Plan Manager includes

  • Managing the participant’s NDIS funds: Plan Managers track the allocated funds in the participant’s NDIS plan, ensuring the budget is used effectively and efficiently for the necessary supports and services.

  • Processing invoices: Plan Managers handle invoices from service providers, ensuring they are accurate, comply with NDIS guidelines, and are paid on time.

  • Tracking expenses: Plan Managers monitor and track the participant’s expenses, providing regular financial reports to help them understand their spending and remaining funds.

  • Offering financial advice: Plan Managers offer guidance on financial aspects related to the participant’s plan, ensuring they make informed decisions about their supports and services.

  • Assisting with service provider negotiations: Plan Managers may also help participants in negotiating service agreements with providers, ensuring they receive the best possible support at a reasonable cost.

By choosing Attainable Care NDIS Plan Management, participants can benefit from expert financial management while maintaining choice and control over their supports and services. This option can reduce administrative tasks for participants and their families, allowing them to focus on achieving their goals and improving their quality of life.

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