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Brand New SDA Robust in Wyndham Vale

Wyndham Vale VIC, Australia

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Property Description

Welcome to our exceptional property, the Robust SDA (Supported Disability Accommodation) at Attainable Care. This modern home is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive living space for individuals with diverse needs.

As you enter, you'll find it welcoming and inclusive. The open layout connects different areas of the house, promoting social interaction among residents.

The living room is a cozy and bright space, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Large windows let in natural light, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

The kitchen is fully equipped and easy to use for everyone. It has modern appliances, plenty of storage, and is designed to be accessible to individuals with different abilities.

The bedrooms offer privacy and tranquillity, with enough space to personalize them according to individual preferences. The bathrooms are designed to be safe and convenient, with features like grab bars and roll-in showers.

Outside, there are beautiful gardens and pathways where you can enjoy fresh air and spend time outdoors.

Apart from the physical features, the Robust SDA at Attainable Care provides support services tailored to individual needs. Trained staff members are available 24/7 to assist residents and ensure their safety. There are also community activities and programs to encourage social engagement and personal growth.

The property is conveniently located near healthcare facilities, shops, and public transportation, making it easily accessible. The surrounding neighborhood is known for its welcoming and inclusive community, providing a supportive environment.

In summary, the Robust SDA at Attainable Care is an exceptional property offering a safe, comfortable, and supportive living space. With its thoughtfully designed features and comprehensive support services, it's a great place for residents to enjoy independent and fulfilling lives. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our wonderful community!


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Property Details

Property Type

2 Bedroom Robust +OOA





Car Park


Room Available


Property Location

Wyndham Vale VIC, Australia

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